Our history

(1946 - 1962)

The Katsikostas family wine history begins back in 1946 when the grandfather Luke Katsikostas started producing wine from the indigenous varieties found in Aigialeia, Achaia region of Peloponnese. The wines, produced with the scarce means of the time, were vinified and then stored in wooden barrels in the underground cellars of the family’s wine shop in the port of Aigio.


At that time, the port of Aigio was the center of commerce and export trade for the PDO “Vostitsa” dry black raisins of the region known for their high quality worldwide. Workers, merchants, locals, people from the area or others coming a long way would visit the family wine shop – delicatessen to rest and taste the delicious food and wine.



(1962 - now)

It was in 1962, when Constantine Katsikostas, Luke’s son continued the tradition with the love and prudence he had inherited from his father. He established a new city winery in Paliokamares, Aigio and equipped it with the most up-to-date machinery of the time.  The business was again relocated in the year 1979 to expand production facilities. Investments were made mainly for the purchase of tanks and mechanical equipment resulting in the consistent enhancement of the quality of the products.


With the turn of the new millennium, In the year 2004, the third generation of the Katsikostas family, Sosanna and Luke undertook the family business upon the completion of Sosanna’s studies in Oenology at the University of Bordeaux, Toulouse, and Reims in France. Their goal is to create the highest quality bottled wines from the indigenous varieties in their region.