On the southern part of Greece but the northern part of Peloponnese, in a region full of mountains who reach the sea, lies Aigialeia and its capital city Aigio, well known since the Mesolithic Age.

The name of the city, according to Strabo, came from the sacred goat that nurtured Zeus in his infancy. In another view it comes of an Homeric verb meaning “I am moving fast” as the city is next to a swiftly moving sea.

Aigio at the medieval age was called Vostitsa meaning the city of orchards as the area is full of beautiful orchards all around cultivated for the production of lemons, oranges etc that feed Greece and many countries in Central Europe.

A wide range of semi-mountainous and mountainous vineyards grow in the region in hills, slopes and plateaus formed by seven rivers which flow into the Corinthian Gulf.