Our Wines

We aim to produce top quality wines from indigenous Greek varieties expressing the terroir of the region with respect to man and the environment.

We strictly comply with the laws of the European Union and we apply ISO 22000:2005 management system and food safety regulations to all production processes. 

Following our principals for sustainable wine industry practices we are active members of the Greek National Interprofessional Organization of Vine and Wine – Wines of Greece, the Greek Wine Federation, the Peloponnese Winemaking Association – Wines of Peloponnese and the Greek branch of the Wine in Moderation Association.

TEXSOM-2017 acheon winery medals

Discover our unique wines.

Hand-crafted wines that appeal the terroir of Aigialeia!


RODITIS FOX skin contact

White dry wine P.D.O. Patras

Sideritis in amphorae

Sideritis P.G.I Achaia

Moschato di Rio

Dry white wine - PGI Achaia

Laura Nera

Red dry wine – PGI ACHAIA

Laura Nobile

Red dry wine – PGI ACHAIA


Rose Semi-sweet Wine


Rose semi-dry wine


Red Dry Wine

Concerto White

White wine - Protected Gregraphical Indication Achaia

Concerto Red

Red dry wine - Protected Geographical Indication Achaia