Vineyard Experiences

Through the Vineyards

It is a unique experience to enjoy a 4km trek or drive through the picturesque vineyards of Mamousia. You may see the remains of the archaeological site of Mamousia or the open-air ancient Greek theater of Keryneia, testaments of the region’s glory during the Archaic (750 BC-479BC) and Hellenistic (323BC-30BC) periods of Greece.
You will reach the beautiful Mamousia plateau after hiking up the hills to a height of 850 meters above sea level. The view to the Corinthian Gulf stretching all the way up to the mainland’s Mount Parnassos is spectacular. The famous Vouraikos Gorge, the majestic mountains of Chelmos and Panachaiko complete the dream scenery around our vineyards.
Sit in the shade of the enormous centenarian oak tree in the very same vineyard where our organically cultivated Rodites Alepou is grown. Enjoy the tranquility around you sipping on a chilled glass of the wine produced from the vines next to you.
Cost per person upon request

Vineyard Picnic

It is under the shade of the gigantic oak tree where we use to relax and enjoy a delicious picnic with some of the best Greek delicacies paired with our wines.

Ask for it in advance and everything will be prepared upon your arrival.
Cost per person upon request