Sideritis in amphorae

Dry white wine P.G.I. Achaia


Sideritis variety grows high above the ground and matures very late leading to a very late harvest at the end of October beginning of November. The grape is disease resistant and has a redish color with a thick skin.


Traditional white wine vinification: the free-run must is separated, clarified by static sedimentation and the clear must is fermented with indigenous yeasts. 70% is fermented in a stainless steel tank at a controlled temperature of 15 ˚C and the remaining 30% is fermented in clay amphorae.


Siderites is a rare indigenous variety of Achaia. Harvest is in late October. This variety produces relatively low volume wines with good acidity and a refreshing, predominant lemon flavour and a complexity of fruity aromas. It can be served with seafood, shelfish, vegetable pies and international food.


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